Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

আপনাদের সবাইকে স্বাগতম আমাদের আজকের Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph পোষ্টে। ক্লাস 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, JSC, SSC এবং HSC পরীক্ষার জন্য Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ন একটি পড়া।

তৃতীয়, চতুর্থ ও পঞ্চম শ্রেণির জন্য Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph 100 Words এর লিখতে হবে। অন্যদিকে ৬ষ্ঠ, ৭ম, ৮ম শ্রেণি এবং জেএসসি পরীক্ষার জন্য Importance Of Newspaper Paragraph 150 Words লিখতে হবে। বিপরীতে, নবম, দশম শ্রেণি এবং এসএসসি পরীক্ষার জন্য Reading Newspaper Paragraph 200 Words এর লিখতে হবে। এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার জন্য, আমি এই ব্লগপোষ্টে Reading Newspaper Paragraph এর কয়েকটি পরামর্শ দিয়েছি।

এই পোষ্টে, আমি Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph এর কিছু নমুনা দিলাম।

Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph
Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Paragraph 1: Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Newspapers are a mirror to the world. Newspapers which carry various kinds of news for people are called newspapers. Newspaper is the best vehicle of modern civilization. The first newspaper appeared in China in the 11th century.

Handwritten newspapers were in vogue during Mughal rule. The first newspaper in Europe was published in Venice. In Bangladesh, the first newspaper called Samachar Darpan was published. Newspapers can be of various types – daily, monthly, weekly etc. There are many newspapers in Bangladesh. For example; Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Jugantar etc.

There are various institutions in different countries of the world for collecting newspaper news. For example, Reuters, BBC, CNN News Media etc. In the modern era, the importance of newspaper is immense. Through it, we can know all the news of the world. We can know about education, business etc.

Many abuses are done in newspapers. Sometimes they harm the country by spreading false rumours. Many times the newspapers make a joke. The importance of newspapers is immense. It conveys the grievances of the people to the government.

Newspaper Paragraph for HSC
Newspaper Paragraph for HSC

Paragraph 2: Newspaper Paragraph for HSC

Reading newspaper is very important in today’s age. Newspapers are a storehouse of knowledge. All the events of the world come to us through different types of newspapers. News from any part of the world is coming in front of our eyes in a moment. As if this huge world of ours has unimaginably turned into a tiny sphere. Newspaper reading is a very good practice through which the knowledge of state, government, economics, sociology, geography, science, literature, archeology, anthropology, and above all art literature of each country comes to us.

In our country students mainly read newspapers. A significant number of jobbers also sit and read newspapers at their workplaces. The number of married women as newspaper readers is also noticeable. In order to build our nation more properly, the habit of reading newspapers should be encouraged. A message of awareness always floats in the eardrums of a civilized nation.

A major part of this awareness comes through reading newspapers. Today in the era of globalization, newspapers are considered as the legislature of the world. And to be a member of this legislature one must read newspapers. Newspapers can be called the instant mirror of world civilization. So a newspaper reader can stand in front of this mirror and get an idea of his presence. By all means reading newspapers is definitely a good habit.

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Habit Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph
Habit Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Paragraph 3: Habit Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Newspaper is a paper which contains news and views of home and abroad. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. It presents the world before our eyes. Newspapers are of various kinds. They are the dailies, the weeklies, the fortnightlies, the monthlies, etc. the daily newspapers are more popular and contain news of daily affairs and views of the whole world. A newspaper benefits us in many ways. We can know easily what is happening in other parts of the world by reading a newspaper. It has made the world closer to information in It. It contains the news of the politics of mass-communication. We get all kinds and sports and other affairs. People of all sections feel the necessity of newspapers. Reading newspapers increases our knowledge. A newspaper is of great use to the students. It develops their general knowledge and knowledge of the language. A man who does not read the newspaper is like a frog in the well. The newspaper has become part and parcel of our modern civilization. We cannot think of a day without it.

Importance Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph
Importance Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Paragraph 4: Importance Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Newspaper is a mirror of the world. During the 17th century, the newspaper was first published in China. The newspaper helps us in many ways such as in education, business, social activities, international affairs, science, and technology etc. Through reading a newspaper, one can acquire all the important news at a glance.

A newspaper can help a student in his study. It can offer extra knowledge about the world people and their customs and cultures. By reading newspaper, a student can easily acquire general knowledge which may help to build up his/her future life. A newspaper sharpens our intellect and makes us curious to know about the world. If a student reads newspapers regularly, he can enrich his/her knowledge and improve his/her quality. He or she can use this knowledge in his/her practical life. A businessman can know business-related information through newspapers.

A newspaper plays a vital role in the life of a man. To ignore newspapers is like keeping our eyes shut. It not only reflects what is happening but also tells us why it is happening. Sometimes, a newspaper gives biased and false news and comments and thus misleads the readers. One should not, however, be blindly influenced by these comments. It is important for a reader not to rely entirely on what he reads in newspapers. Every reader should judge for himself the value of what a newspaper tells him.


Paragraph 5: Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Questions on ‘Importance of Reading Newspaper’ paragraph

  • (a) What do we know by reading newspapers?
  • (b) Why do people read newspaper?
  • (c) How does newspaper help the people of different strata?
  • (d) What are the drawbacks of newspaper?
  • (e) How does misunderstanding take place through newspaper?

Answer: Reading newspaper is a good habit which provides us to know a lot of essential things of home and abroad. People read them for both pleasure and information. A politician can learn about political situations. An economist and a businessman can be aware of the economy and business. People interested in sports and games can learn about the sports-world. Students can also learn many things from the pages of newspapers that fulfill their thirst for knowledge. The film fans go through the cinema page to get the thrill of the showbiz world. From the advertisement column the job seekers and traders get useful hints and details. In fact, by reading newspapers we can be up-to-date and we need it in order to face the competitive changing world. However, sometimes a newspaper misleads people. Some of the newspapers publish news supporting political parties. Sometimes they write columns to gain benefits from the ruling party. For this, misunderstanding takes place and many unexpected incidents happen. So, we can say that though a newspaper has some disadvantages, it has a lot of advantages too. On the whole, newspaper reading is a very good habit. In order to keep ourselves up-to-date with news and views, we should read newspaper daily.

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Paragraph 6: Newspaper Paragraph For Class 10

A newspaper is a paper that carries news and views of all that happens far and near in the world. A newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge and information. The history of the newspaper is old. It was first published in England. The Indian Gazette was the first newspaper in our sub-continent. Now the newspaper has become a part and parcel in our daily life. Newspaper is the supplier of all sorts of news and views. Merchants read newspapers to know the market condition, sportsmen amuse themselves with sports news, a Professor or a teacher gather news and views on literary topics, statemen keep themselves informed of the diplomacy of the world. Students read newspapers to supplement the education that they received at schools and colleges. Newspapers have also concerned for children and women. There are many kinds of newspaper such as dailies, weeklies, monthlies, and even quarterlies. Most of the people read the dailies because they carry for us fresh and current news of the day. A newspaper serves the nation. It helps the government in various ways. It is also a powerful instrument of publicity. But the newspaper is not an unmixed blessing. Sometimes they are put to abuse by selfish and interested groups. They publish false news. It may mislead people to excite public feelings and disturb the peace of society. However newspaper has made the world smaller and helps us to know the unknown. So we should develop the habit of reading newspapers.

Paragraph 7: Newspaper Paragraph For Class 8

A newspaper is the gift of print media to all humans. For travel-freaks newspapers is helpful by publishing travel and tourism columns. Various columns like missing reports sometimes help people for finding their lost dear ones. A newspaper also covers obituaries columns for paying respect to demise. There is a number of columns in a single newspaper. News is beneficial for all of us. Developing the habit of reading newspaper on daily basis can develop the intellectual side of all. Like other tools of Mass, Media Newspaper is also carrying a historical approach. In Han-Sang Dynasty, China’s first form of Newspaper (called Dibao) was founded. The Newspaper was in written/calligraphy form at that time and it was used for official purposes only. After various reforms in the techniques of publishing newspapers, Britain and America invented mass production of newspapers. In the 17th Century in Britain, the rise of the printing press (Guttenberg) introduced the first set of sheets of newspaper. The German Newspaper by Johann Carolus is said to be the first newspaper in world history. In India, Bengal Gazette is the first news published in the colonial period. The newspaper we read today is carrying a journey of various dynasties.


Paragraph 8: Importance Of Newspaper Paragraph 150 Words

Newspapers are delivered to people’s doorsteps to keep them acquainted with the happenings around the world. Big media houses publish newspapers. The news that is shown on television daily is the one that gets printed out the next day. Newspapers were first circulated vigorously in Rome on an annual basis. They mostly talked about the whereabouts of the Han Dynasty. The news was printed on tablets made out of stone. Due to the expense incurred on publishing the news daily, an annual publication was initiated. The first newspaper was hence in the form of a stone tablet. Its origin is traced back to the 8th Century A.D. Newspapers can convey any kind of news. The nature of the news being delivered can be political, social, economic, or entertainment related. Newspapers are also read by several stock market analysts and shareowners to assess the quality of stocks and shares.

Newspaper Paragraph 100 Words
Newspaper Paragraph 100 Words

Paragraph 9: Newspaper Paragraph 100 Words

Newspapers are printed in several languages. They are delivered to the doorstep of individuals early in the morning. Newspapers are printed in local languages. They are also printed in several languages that are widely accepted. They newspapers may be dailies. A weekly subscription will mean that the newspaper or the digest is delivered to your family once a week. Similarly, monthly and yearly subscriptions are also present. Yearly subscriptions can be for magazines that deliver not only the news but also other entertaining stories, pictures, and poems. On several occasions, you may find a newspaper strip that comes attached with dailies once a week or month.

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শেষ কথাঃ

প্রিয় পাঠকগন, আজকে আমরা এই পোষ্টে আলোচনা করলাম আমাদের পরিক্ষায় বহুবার আসা “Important Of Reading Newspaper Paragraph” নিয়ে। যা আমাদের প্রায় প্রত্যাকটি পরিক্ষাতেই এসে থাকে। আর আমরা তাই এই “Reading Newspaper Paragraph” প্যারাগ্রাফটি আপনাদের সামনে নতুনভাবে ও সহজভাবে তুলে ধরার চেষ্টা করলাম। আপনারা তারাতারি শিখতে চাইলে এখনি খাতায় নোট করে নিন। এতে করে তারাতারি মুখস্থ হয়ে যাবে। আপনাদের কোনো প্রশ্ন থাকলে আমাদের Facebook Page এ মেসেজ দিতে পারেন।

FAQs: Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Why is it important to read news?

Reading news helps you to develop an open and critical mind. Reading news helps you to learn something new every day, and slow down aging. Reading news helps you to distinguish truth from falsehoods. Reading news can enhance your creativity.

How many online newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

There are over 1000+ Newspaper published daily from Bangladesh. Most of them is from the capital of bangladesh, Dhaka. Prothom-alo is the most popular Bangla daily newspaper. Bangladesh Pratidin is the highest Circulated Newspaper from bangladesh.

What is the newspaper used for?

Newspaper, publication usually issued daily, weekly, or at other regular times that provides news, views, features, and other information of public interest and that often carries advertising.

How many newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

As per the disclosure of the Information Minister at the National Parliament in January 2018, there are 3,025 registered print media in Bangladesh and 1,191 of them are daily newspapers. Of the dailies, 470 are based in the capital city, Dhaka.

What is the first Bengali newspaper?

Bengal Gazetti was a historic Bengali weekly newspaper published in India in 1816 or 1818 and is one of the oldest publications in India. It is believed to the first Bengali Language newspaper. The journal was edited by Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya, a former employee of Serampore Mission Press.

What is the name of first newspaper?

The newsletter usually accorded primacy as a definite newspaper is the Relation of Strasbourg, first printed in 1609 by Johann Carolus. A close rival is the Avisa Relation oder Zeitung (Zeitung is the German word for “newspaper”), founded in the same year by Heinrich Julius, duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel.

What are the types of newspaper?

In the world of print journalism, the two main formats for newspapers are broadsheet and tablo.

What is the full form of newspaper?

Newspaper is an acronym for ”North East West South Past and Present Event Reports“

What is newspaper in simple words?

A paper that is printed and distributed usually daily or weekly and that contains news, articles of opinion, features, and advertising. 2 : an organization that publishes a newspaper. 3 : the paper of a newspaper : newsprint.

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