Environment Pollution Paragraph All Class

Environment Pollution Paragraph All Class

ভিজিটরস আপনাকে স্বাগতম আমাদের এই Environment Pollution Paragraph All Class পোষ্টে। আমরা এখানে আর সকল শ্রেনীর জন্য Environment Pollution Paragraph নিয়ে আলোচনা করতে বসেছি। আজকের এই সহজ ও সাবলিল সহবাংলা আইটি অর্গানাইজেশন থেকে আপনাদের কাঙ্খিত Environment Pollution Paragraph পেয়ে যাবেন। আপনাদের যেটি ভালো লাগে ও সহজ লাগে সেটি শিখে আপনারা বিভিন্ন পরিক্ষায় লিখতে পারেন। আর আমাদের এই ব্লগটি ভালো লাগলে অবশ্যই আমাদের একটি রেটিং দিয়ে দিন এবং শেয়ার করে দিন। আমাদের Facebook Page এ আপনাদের আমন্ত্রন রইলো। এঞ্জয় করুন এই প্যারাগ্রাফটি।

Environment Pollution Paragraph All Class
Environment Pollution Paragraph All Class

Environment Pollution Paragraph 100 Words

Environmental pollution refers to the contamination of the natural world by harmful substances and activities. This is a serious concern that affects our planet and all living things. There are different types of pollution including air, water and soil pollution. Air pollution occurs when harmful gases and particles are released into the atmosphere, causing respiratory problems and global warming. Water pollution occurs when pollutants are dumped into rivers, lakes and oceans, endangering marine life and human health. Soil pollution occurs when harmful chemicals enter the soil, affecting plant growth and contaminating the food we eat. We must all strive to protect our environment and reduce pollution for a healthy and sustainable future.


Environment Pollution Paragraph 200 Words

Our environment refers to soil, air, water and everything else around us. Environmental pollution refers to significant changes in the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the environment. It has become a serious problem in the developing world today. The air is being polluted by the continuous fumes from the factories located in the cities and the carbon dioxide gas emitted by the automobiles. In both urban and rural areas, the ground we walk on is being polluted by uncollected garbage. Water is being polluted especially due to raw garbage from sewage. Industrial wastes and pesticides seriously pollute water. Another type of pollution is noise pollution. We live among the sounds produced by automobiles, factories, airplanes, home appliances, radios, CD players, etc. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat are not always safe due to pollution. Environmental pollution is driving us to death. So environmental pollution must be prevented for a happy and healthy life and immediate effective steps should be taken for this.

Environment Pollution Paragraph 250 Words

Environment pollution refers to the destruction of the basic elements of the environment such as soil, water, air and the normal structure of the organism. In other words, if the environment becomes uninhabitable for animals, it is called environment pollution. The environment is being polluted due to human negligence and lavishness. Environment pollution is mainly due to two reasons. One is the natural causes, such as storms, floods, tidal waves, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

The second is man-made which is artificial, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. Industrial wastes, toxic fumes from vehicles, etc are mixing in the air and polluting the environment. As a result of various fossil fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. The water of rivers, seas, ponds and canals of the world is getting polluted every day. Industrial wastes, chemicals used in crop lands etc. are poisoning the water.

Soil pollution is increasing due to unplanned urbanization, frequent dumping of garbage, use of toxic chemicals in land etc. In addition, loud car horns, indiscriminate use of mics, loud noises of factory equipment, etc. are the main causes of noise pollution. All in all, environmental pollution is now widespread. According to Bangladesh, the level of pollution in third world countries is even more alarming. The world’s climate is changing as a result of environmental pollution.

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The global temperature is constantly rising due to the greenhouse effect. The prevalence of various types of incurable diseases is increasing. Today, the environment of the whole world is under threat due to pollution. Our awareness is the key to protecting the environment. Reduce the use of fossil fuels and find renewable energy sources to ensure its proper use. The environment should be filled with greenery by planting lots of plants.

Besides, public awareness activities should be conducted to prevent environmental pollution. Keep in mind that the loss of a habitable natural environment will make it impossible for all living things, including humans, to survive on Earth. So everyone should be aware so that the environment is not polluted.


Environment Pollution Paragraph 300 Words

In primitive times, people were totally dependent on the environment. But with the growing civilization, people began to subjugate nature. Various discoveries of science and technology have given people happiness and comfort. But the misuse of the technology discovered is polluting the environment day by day. Environment is a collection of natural and unnatural elements around us. Water, soil, air etc. are important elements of natural environment. If the desired quality of the elements of the environment is destroyed due to natural or man-made causes, then the environment becomes unhealthy for humans or animals. This unhealthy condition of the environment is called environmental pollution. The natural causes of environmental pollution are storms, floods, tides, eruptions, earthquakes, etc. And the artificial or man-made factors are – population growth, toxic chemicals in industries Consumption, use of fossil fuels in industries and vehicles etc. Due to these reasons, the important elements of the environment such as water, soil, air, etc. are constantly being polluted. Besides, the environment is also polluted due to the use of pesticides, powdered soap, plastic, etc. Sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CFC etc. emitted from industries and vehicles are damaging the atmosphere. The conscious people of the world are worried about the dire consequences of environmental pollution. Because the existence of human civilization is threatened due to environmental pollution. Therefore, conscious people of the world have woken up to protect the environment; Many environmental organizations are developing. In the united efforts of these organizations, the international community gathers in various environmental conferences to decide what to do to prevent environmental pollution. Like many other countries, the constitution of Bangladesh has also included clauses related to environmental protection. But it is not possible to prevent environmental pollution without making people at all levels aware about the environment.

Environment Pollution Paragraph For Class 6

Environmental Pollution means pollution which is degrading the environment. Pollution is increasing day by day and so global warming is also increasing. Due to environmental pollution, there is an imbalance in nature so many birds, animals, and plants are on the verge of extinction day by day. The harmful smoke emits from the factories are mixed with the air and increasing the pollution every time. The only way we can get rid of environmental pollution is to plant more and more trees. We all dream of a beautiful home, our nation too dreams of a beautiful environment.


Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 7

Our environment is affecting day by day due to pollution. There are various types of pollution like water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, land pollution, etc. Pollution is destroying nature. Some are man-made pollution while others are natural pollution. The smoke that is emitted from the chimneys of the factories, from vehicles is the mixture of poisonous gases. Due to environmental pollution, the worst sufferers are the plants and animals. They are extinct every day.  No flora and fauna are safe here. Some animals are already in the list of endangered species. Due to water pollution, the Marine species are also dying.

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The temperature is increasing and global warming is also increasing. The only way to eradicate environmental pollution is to plant many trees. By planting trees, we can get rid of many harmful poisonous gases. If the earth becomes green again, then pollution can be reduced and we will breathe the fresh air.

Environment Pollution Paragraph for Class 8

The environment is very necessary to lead a healthy life. Our environment shapes a very important aspect of human life because that is where we find the requirements of life like air, water, and food. Due to global industrialization and modernization, there has been environmental pollution. Our lifestyle has also changed. The animals are on the verge of extinct day by day. The panda, the white tiger, Albatross are now not to be seen. They are few only and if environmental pollution continues then we are going to lose our animals in a few decades. The harmful and toxic gases which release 24×7 from the factories are mixing with air, thus causing air pollution. People dump all the waste materials in the river and sea, this way the water is also getting poisoned every day.

The marine species like fish, whales, and dolphins are the worst sufferers. Their valuable lives are also lost. Soil erosion is one of the causes of soil pollution. We humans can save our Earth by planting trees. If we plant trees then once again our Earth will be green. We should not cut trees also, then it will make deforestation, and the top portion of the soil will be lost.


Environment Pollution paragraph For Class 9-10

Our environment is our assets, we should not lose the charm of the environment by pollution. We should deal with the environment of our earth like our mother because our earth also nurtures us and shelter us. If the climate gets polluted then will it be possible for us to live? The various types of pollution are Water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, air pollution, etc. The contaminants of the environment are called pollutants.

The main pollutants come from industries because the factories release harmful and poisonous gases in the atmosphere. This the cause of air pollution. The industrial effluents are also dumped into water bodies, causing water pollution. The other pollutant responsible for pollution is the smoke from combustion, greenhouse gasses emission like carbon dioxide which is high in India.

Environmental pollution increases global warming day by day, so the ice in Antarctica is melting and the harmful gases are also emitting and destroying the whole earth. The animals have endangered, the plants are also dying. Cutting of trees is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. So instead of cutting trees, we should plant more and more trees to enhance the beauty of Earth. On 5th June, we celebrate World Environment Day, so not only we Mahotsav trees on that particular day, but we should plant trees whenever we think it is necessary to do.

We should also celebrate Van Mahotsav to spread the news that every individual should plant trees. It is the responsibility and commitment of every soul to preserve and protect our environment from getting polluted. There is another duty also that we have to perform we should not dump the waste materials in the river or seawater. We should burn them, then we will be able to produce biogas.

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Environment Pollution Paragraph For Class 10

Pollution of the environment is the biggest bane in modern civilization. The environment is polluted due to various reasons. Global warming and widespread cutting down of trees cause pollution. People are forced to inhale poisonous gases because of the automobile exhausts and the gradual increase in the number of vehicles in a busy city life.

Water is polluted by industrial wastes and the cleaning of utensils and clothes. The soil is polluted because of the excessive use of pesticides. The use of sound beyond the permissible limit causes sound pollution which is causing a real menace for us. All these together is the making life difficult. Government should take strict action to curb environmental pollution. At the same time, general awareness should be spread, for the benefit of the people.

Environment Pollution Paragraph Class 5

The damaging of the purity of anything is called pollution. And the pollution of air, water and land around us is called environmental pollution. Environmental pollution affects our health and causes loss to us in different ways. Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles, chimneys of mills and factories, cooking ovens, etc. Bad smell of rotten garbage dumped in the streets, bad smell of dead or rotten animals, filthy surface drains pollute the air. If we inhale impure air, it will cause great harm to our lungs.

Water is polluted when dirty, poisonous refuse matter from mills and factories are discharged into rivers. If we drink this water, it will affect our health. Shrill sounds of the horns of lorries, buses, microphones, fireworks cause sound pollution. Sound pollution affects our power of hearing. Therefore, we should work towards reducing pollution if we want to live a healthy life.


আমাদের শেষ মতামতঃ

এমন কোনো পরিক্ষা নেই যেটিতে Environment Pollution Paragraph টি আসেনা। সকল পরিক্ষায় এই প্যারাগ্রাফটি একবার করে হলেউ আসছে। তাই এটি শিখে নেওয়া খুবই জরুরি। কারন প্রকৃতিকে আমরা প্রতিদিন যেভাবে দুষন করছি তার উদাহরন এই প্যারাগ্রাফে সহজেই পাওয়া যায়। আর এটি শিখলে আমরা সতর্ক হয়ে প্রকৃতিকেও বাচাতে পারব। আর তাই দেরি না করে আপনারা আপনাদের বন্ধুদের সাথে এই প্যারাগ্রাফটি শেয়ার করুন।


What is environmental Pollution?

Environmental pollution can be defined as any undesirable change in the environment that may disturb the ecological balance and cause harmful effects on various forms of life or property.

How many types of Pollution are there?

There are many types of pollution. But the common ones are – air pollution, water pollution, noise Pollution, land Pollution and radioactive Pollution.

How can we reduce Environmental Pollution?

We can reduce environmental pollution by taking some necessary steps like planting more trees, avoiding firecrackers, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, recovering and recycling material, following the limits of noise level etc.

What is Pollution?

The contaminants which are present in the natural environment and bring adverse change is termed as Pollution.

How types of Pollution are there?

There are 4 types of pollution in our nature:
Water pollution
Soil pollution
Air Pollution
Land pollution
Noise pollution

How can you control the pollution?

Pollution can be controlled by planting trees. The plants help in reducing pollution and bring a balance in nature. Other than this, if we use public vehicles instead of private cars, then pollution can be reduced.

Write some Pollution facts…

According to the WHO, air pollution allots to 6.7% of all demises worldwide.
Almost every year 7 million premature deaths are caused due to pollution.

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