The Game You Like Most Composition | My favourite game composition

The Game You Like Most Composition
The Game You Like Most Composition

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The Game You Like Most Composition

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Everybody has a favourite game like football, cricket, volleyball, hockey and basketball etc. But my favourite game is cricket. I get much interest in this game. Whenever 1 gets time I like to play cricket. It is very expensive game.

Rules of cricket: 

Now, cricket is very popular game. Before, this game was not understood by ordinary people. But the illiterate mass can even understand the game now; because World Cup Cricket is shown on television. Mostly, one day game is observed in World Cup Cricket. Every team consists of eleven players. Eleven players have eleven wickets but after falling the 10 wickets the game is finished. Next half they go for fielding arid haling. Besides, there is series game. In our country, one day cricket is very popular now. Even my favourite game is a one-day cricket match. Normally one-day cricket match is placed rounding 50 over for each team. Each over contains six balls. The starting of the match is fixed by toss. Winning the toss any team can ask his opposition to batting.

How it is played: 

Normally one-day cricket match is played around fifty over. When a team starts batting. only two players are on the peach for baiting. The other players sit in the gallery. The players o)’ other teams are in balling and fielding There are many ways of a wicket falling such as sold-out, run out, catch out and LBW etc. In the time of balling if the ball hits the wicket, the batsman goes out and another bat-man comes batting. When the ball of Batman goes tip not touching the ground and if it is caught by any fielder the batsman will be out. By turns, a team can send 10 players for batting. Before the wickets falling if the over are finished or before finishing the over the wickets are fallen and the game is finished for, one team. By this, the game is over. The winning of the game is determined by run rate.

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Description of the game: 

Cricket is a very interesting game of the world. This game gives enjoyment for a long time. Normally one day game is started in the morning and finished before the MD Set. During the play time particularly in the game of hard competition -none can surely say who will win. This is the most entertaining thing. Once upon a time, maximum people of our country didn’t have interest in this game. Now, this game has become very popular because of ding the international competition in the television.

The famous teams of the world: 

Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, England, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ireland, Canada, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, Afghanistan, USA etc. are the famous teams of the world. Bangladesh has also pad prospect in cricket if the players are trained in national basis.

Why by do I favour this game: 

My favourite game is cricket. It is very interesting game. It gives pleasure for a long time. This game is led by two umpires. It is a very uncertain game; actually the uncertain winning and defeating give me, very joy. After all, it is much-disciplined game. There is no major conflict to run the game smoothly. Moreover, I like the game very much for its kingly ire and dress. I am very deeply charmed by this game.


Every man has a favorite writer, poet actor, actress, game etc. Among all of the games, cricket is my favourite. In this match, I have more pleasure than any other game. I think Bangladesh has good future in cricket if the players are properly trained up. Pakistan, England and other are the Inlaid champions of the cricket. Really cricket is a very interesting game of the world.

The game I like most Essay for class 3

My favourite game composition
My favourite game composition
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Football is my favorite game. It is a popular outdoor game. It is played in all seasons.

Why I like it: I like football because it gives me great joy. It delights both the players and the spectators. It is full of thrill and excitement. It is good for our health and teaches us many qualities. It teaches us to be prompt, clever, and careful. So, it is my favorite game.

How it is played: 

The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. There are two goalposts at both ends of the field. The referee conducts the game. His decision is final.

A ball is played at the center of the field. The field is 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. During the play, no player can touch the ball with hand. Only the goalkeeper can touch it with his hands. The players of each team try to send the ball into the net through the goalpost of their opponent party. When one party can pass the ball through the goalpost of the other party, a goal is scored. The team that scores more goals wins the game.


Football is a form of good exercise. It makes our body strong and hardy.


Football is a very exciting game. This is my favorite game. I play football almost every day. When the World Cup starts, I enjoy every country game on television. I think football is the favorite sport of most people in the world.

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