My Childhood Memories Composition For Class 9 | My Childhood Memories Composition

My Childhood Memories Composition For Class 9
My Childhood Memories Composition For Class 9

Childhood is the sweetest and most memorable period in a man’s life. Every man or woman has childhood memories. I have also some memories. Very often these memories are reflected on my mind in my loneliness . Whenever I remember my childhood days, I feel happy and delighted.

My birth and parentage: 

I was born in a small village in the district of Comilla. My father was a village school teacher. Ours was a simple house where I lived happily in the midst of my parents, brothers and sisters. My mother was very affectionate and my father was a very sober person.

Memories with my peers: 

I always remember the playground which was behind our house. I always used to play there with my friends and peers. Our village was on the bank of Titas. In all seasons, Titas had a great attraction for me. I and some of my friends used to go on the river, jump into it and swim in it. Sometimes we caught fishes by hook.

Stealing of fruits: 

The memory of my stealing fruits is very interesting. I was very fond of stealing mangoes, lichis, black berries and other fruits with my friends. One day I and some of my friends went to steal mango in a certain tree. But the owner of the tree caught us with mangoes. We were trembling with fear. But the man did nothing. I shall never forget this memory.

The village maktab: 

The village Maktab was another charming place. An old Maulovi shaheb used to teach us there. It was housed in a small but attached to the village mosque. A large number of boys and girls used to attend there. We would learn our lessons, with great noise, but our old teacher did never threaten us. Though we did not fear him, we definitely loved him.

My first day at school: 

The memory of the first day at school is still fresh in my mind. My father took me to the nearest primary school for admission. I was taken. to the Headmaster’s room. At first I got frightened. The Headmaster asked me some questions. I could answer them properly. I was allowed to get myself admitted into class one and went to the class. My classmates received me cordially.

The village hat: 

Another attraction for me in my childhood was the village hat. The hat used to sit twice a week near the river Titas. It was the biggest hat in the locality. I used to go there with some other children. We used to take with us our little fund of a few paisa to buy sweets from the vendors. After spending a few hours there we would come back at nightfall.

Painful memory: 

All of my memories are not joyful. Some are also painful and heart touching. The death of my grandmother is one of them. One morning, I heard the sound of crying from my grandmother’s living room. We rushed there. I saw my grandmother lying on her bed with a white sheet covering. I could understand that she is no more in the world. I was greatly shocked and wept. It was the first death scene in my life. I will never forget this sad event.


Except some events, my childhood days were really happy. The happy memories of those days still fill my heart with great joy. I Wish I could have my childhood days again.

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My Childhood Memories Composition
My Childhood Memories Composition

My Childhood Memories Paragraph 300 Words

Childhood is the sweetest period of human life. Everybody is fond of remembering his or her childhood days and I am no exception to this rule. Whenever I recollect my childhood memories, my mind fills with amusement.

I can hardly remember what happened during the first four years of my life. But so far as I guess. I was an object of care and affection to all in the family. Everyone in the family loved me very much.

I fondly remember the day of the beginning (b) of my learning. I was then five years old. I was sent to village pathshala. There I was admitted to class 1. This village pathshala was an interesting place to me. I enjoyed reading there with a lot of boys of my age.

But the day ever to be remembered by me is the day on which my grandmother died. It is the saddest day of my life. I was then nine years old, so I could not properly understand what death meant. My father was sobbing ( ), my mother was weeping bitterly and my uncle was crying, but I burst into a loud cry (6). Even now my eyes get wet with tears whenever her face flashes into my mind.

Another important event that I fully remember was the marriage ceremony of my uncle. I was then twelve years old. Our house was full of guests, and I passed a few days in the midst of joy and mirth. My aunt is highly qualified; she is kind and loving too. Soon I grew into her favor and affection. She took charge of my education and became my guide and guardian.

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Of recollections outside school, the memory of plucking flowers, stealing mangoes, coconuts, etc. is still fresh in my mind. How happy I was in my childhood days! I wish I were a child again.

Your Childhood Memories Composition
Your Childhood Memories Composition

My childhood memories composition for Class 6

We all have lots of past memories in our lives. But I think childhood memories are the best memories that make us happy and delighted. You can’t deny that we all have some memories that are very special to us.  I have some childhood memories too that I never can forget. Today I will talk about some of these memories here. 

Importance of Childhood Memories: 

Do some people think that childhood memories are really important? I think it is. Because these memories make a huge impact on our personality and lifestyle. It helps us to be that person that we want to be. 

We should never ignore our past memories. These are big lessons in our life. That’s why I think it has huge importance in our life. 

My Childhood Memories:

I have some amazing memories. Most of them are with my family, my parents, my siblings, and my grandmother. I have three siblings and they are very close to my heart. We always had a great time together. I spent my entire childhood in a neighborhood in Delhi. 

I had lots of friends there. I am still connected with a few of them. We spent really good times together. I loved playing cricket in the afternoon. I have lots of good memories playing with them. I can remember the first day of school. 

It was very exciting for me. I always was an attentive student and I used to make good results in the class. My teachers loved me a lot for that. These memories are very sweet and I wish I could go back there and experience the same thing again. 

I used to visit my native village sometimes. That was another exciting journey for me. I spent an amazing time with my cousins there. We went for a picnic and did lots of crazy things. 

A Horrible Experience of Childhood:

Along with lots of good experiences I have some horrible childhood experiences too. When I was five years old, I didn’t know how to swim. And that time I was in the village. We were playing football and there was a pond near the field. 

When the ball went to the pond, someone went and picked it. A boy thought I might know how to swim and he pushed me to the pond. When I was trying to come out of the water but couldn’t he was laughing and thinking that I was making fun. 

But when he realized he jumped and took me off the water. That was a very shocking memory that I can’t forget. It could be worse. 


I love to think about my old childhood memories. These memories bring a broad smile to my face. I know it’s the same for everyone. These memories are very much cute and loving. It could be a topic of gossip too. People love sharing things about their childhood, I do. 


Q.1 Why is Childhood Memories important?

A.1: Childhood memories are important because they shape our identity, provide insight into our emotional development, help us connect with others, and evoke feelings of nostalgia that can be comforting and provide a sense of continuity in our lives.

Q.2 What can be a common childhood memory for all?

A.2: A common childhood memory that many people share is playing with friends, whether it’s playing games, exploring outside, or just hanging out together. Other common childhood memories may include family vacations, birthdays, holidays, favorite toys, and special moments with parents or siblings.

Q.1 How do you write a childhood memories essay? 

A.3: To write a childhood memories essay, you should start by brainstorming and listing down the specific memories you want to include. Organize these memories chronologically and create an outline to guide your writing. When writing the essay, use descriptive language to bring the memories to life and engage the reader. Be specific and focus on the sensory details that will help the reader visualize the scene. You can also include reflections on what these memories mean to you and how they have shaped you as a person. Finally, remember to proofread and edit your essay for clarity, grammar, and spelling errors.

Q.1 What can be a common childhood memory for all?

A.4: A common childhood memory for all could be learning to ride a bike or a first day of school. These experiences are often shared across cultures and generations and can evoke similar emotions in people.

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