Importance Of Physical Exercise Composition | Physical Exercise Composition For SSC

Importance Of Physical Exercise Composition
Importance Of Physical Exercise Composition

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Importance Of Physical Exercise Composition

Exercise is basically any physical activity that we perform on a repetitive basis for relaxing our body and taking away all the mental stress. It is important to do regular exercise. When you do this on a daily basis, you become fit both physically and mentally. Moreover, not exercising daily can make a person susceptible to different diseases. Thus, just like eating food daily, we must also exercise daily. The importance of exercise essay will throw more light on it.


Physical exercise means the regular movements of the different parts of the body. It helps us preserve sound health with a sound mind.

Forms of exercise: 

There are various forms of exercise; walking, racing, swimming, rowing, riding, wrestling, gymnastics etc. All the games and sports are also good forms of healthy exercise.

Time and age for exercise:

Morning and evening are the best time for taking physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for taking physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for people of all ages. All kinds of games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton etc… are all quite good for the young. For the women, badminton and table tennis are best suited. On the other hand, walking is good for the weak and the old.

Healthy and unhealthy man: 

A healthy man is the happiest man in the world. He can enjoy his life to the lees, a poor man with good health is happier than a monarch with ill health. A man with sound health can enjoy his life to the less. He can pass his days with heavenly bills of infinite joy and pleasure. A man without health, on the other hand, is the most miserable of the miserable in the world. Life becomes barren like deserts to him. A man without tears forever. He becomes a burden not only to his family but also to the society. Rabindranath Tagore confined to bed could never think of winning the noble prize and earn a world-famous reputation.

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Student and exercise: 

Physical exercise is essential for the students. They are the citizens of the making. Their life is the life of preparation for the struggle of life. The students of today will lead the nation tomorrow. They cannot expect to win the battle of life without a sound health. So taking physical exercise is a must for them.

Caution about exercise: 

It is admitted to ass hands that taking physical exercise is a must to possess sound health and enjoy the bliss of life. But there are some warnings or limitation about taking exercise. Physical exercise should be taking in the open air and not in a closed room. Again, no exercise should be taken empty stomach or immediately after taking a meal. We should bear in mind that over-exercise is injuries to health. It overworks muscles and weakens them.


The merits of taking physical exercise are too many to be described in words. Our body is like a machine. It cannot function well without exercise. Exercise helps us digest our food properly. It makes out bones and muscles strong and stout. It also makes us pains-taking and hard-working. It prevents diseases and helps the balanced growth of our body. Out body-mind are enclose related to each other.“A sound mind in a sound body” goes the adage. A slogan of the ancient Greeks was ”Build up your body if you want to build up your mind.” It offers us an excellent recreation. It takes away our mind from the boredom of our routine bound work and helps us forget pains, sorrows and mental agonies of our day-to-day life. It gives fresh energy, refreshes our mind and helps our resumes to our work with renewed vigour. Besides, it keeps us away from diseases and increases the resistance power of the body. It increases our longevity too. This is why it is rightly said,
Exercise in the open air keeps the system in repair


Thus we find that physical exercise is a great boon for keeping food health and enjoying a longer and happier life. We should, therefore, form the habit of taking physical exercise regularly. Let me quote the words to Tagore,
We want food, want life, and want light, want open air;
We want strength, want health, and want happier and brighter longevity;
We want wider chest with undaunted spirit.

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