Population Problem In Bangladesh Composition for class 10

Population problem in Bangladesh Composition for class 10
Population problem in Bangladesh Composition for class 10

Here I have shared Population Problem in Bangladesh Composition for the students of SSC and HSC. You already know, over population has become a great problem for our country. It is responsible for many other problems like unemployment problems, food problems, education, and medical problems.


Bangladesh is no doubt an over-populated country. So population problem in Bangladesh is burning question.


The principal cause is that the country is over-populated; still the birth rate is increasing. On the contrary the death rate is decreasing due to better sanitation, improved medical treatment etc.

Why it is a problem: 

Our country is over populated. There is a huge shortage of food-grains every year in our country. The population is growing at a high rate. But the output of food grains is not growing at the equal rate. Consequently famine breaks out in our country every now and then.

Present situation of population: 

At present the total population of our country is about 18 crores. Density of population per square kilometer is about 1200. If this alarming growth rate continues, the total population of Bangladesh will be double by the end of this century.

Dangers of over-population: 

There is no doubt that our country now suffers from serious over-population. This creates problem of accommodation, health, education etc. If the population is allowed to grow at the present rate, people shall find no place to live in and they shall have to starve seriously.

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How to solve the problem: 

To solve the problem we should take effective measures to stop the high birth rate. Each and every family must live in a planned way. Early marriage should be banned. No family should be allowed to have more than two children. There should be wide publicity about the serious consequences of high birth rate.


The family planning measures can keep down the rapid growth of population. But to understand the problem and to carry the Government plans and programs into effect, education is a must. Hence topmost importance should be given to education to the masses.

Composition Population Problem in Bangladesh
Composition Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population problem in Bangladesh Composition for class 9


Bangladesh is a very small country in South Asia. ln respect of population it is the eighth largest country. So she is a country with a large population.


Bangladesh is a densely populated country. The density of population always refers to a number of population living per square mile. About 1000 people live in Bangladesh per square mile. So people call her a thickly populated country.

Causes of overpopulation: 

There are some causes behind overpopulation in Bangladesh. Our climate, weather, geographical condition, early marriage, polygamy, high birth-rate are the causative factors of overpopulation, Dogmatism, prejudice, superstition, fundamentalism and God-fearing tendency are also responsible for this population problem.


Population problem Creates other problems like poverty, illiteracy, disease, failure in agriculture, unemployment problem etc. Poverty is a curse. The country CannOt be developed because of poverty. The number of hunger increases day by day. The country°s production fails to feed_ the increasing people. Job facilities are not able to cope up with this ‘population as a result people remain unemployed. People cannot provide food for children, let alone education.


Overpopulation is an obstruction to any kind of development. So necessary and constructive steps should be taken to solve the population problem. Early marriage should be stopped and polygamy should be banned. The introduction of family planning all over the country is essential. AwareneSS among the common people needs to be created so that hey may feel inclined to build up their families small which can go on well with the per-capita income. Birth control is essential in this regard.

The women Should take birth control pills, like-ovation, guayabera, Ovastat, and men should use condoms while cohabiting with their wives to meet up the sexual appetite. The should have to clear knowledge about conceiving period. The couple should be allowed to take only to children Tax and fine should be imposed on the parents of most children. Considering this. the govt. has adopted the “Planned Parenthood, to cheek this growth rate of population.

Media campaigns are in full swing to control birth rates in various ways Suitable topics on family planning have been included in the syllabus of the boys and. girls in schools, colleges, and universities. it is gratifying to note that the movement has taken very bold an effective steps to boost up food production by launching the campaigns “now more food” and “green revolution”. This also provides irrigation, flood control, bringing fallen land under cultivation reclamation of land, protects coastal land from salinity.

With a view to solving this population problem, newspaper, radio, television and other mass media have been playing important roles in educating and enlightening the common people about it. Most people are reluctant to work hard. They like to idle away time and spoil their energy. So their idleness should be removed and they should be compelled to work at least eight hours a day either in mills and factories or in the fields.

Overpopulation is a threat: 

Overpopulation is a more serious threat to our country than the atomic weapon. No developing or development work can be expected if this continues to increase day by day. More people or additional people always need more or additional things. This is a hindrance to development.


Bangladesh is an overpopulated land. If the people and the govt. utilize the country’s resources and do other works sincerely this problem will be solved. So We all and sundry should take a noble vow of solving the problem and make a happy and prosperous Bangladesh.

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