ICT in our Daily Life Essay – Shovon Sen

ICT in our Daily Life Essay
ICT in our Daily Life Essay

In this globalization era of modern civilization the use of information technology is everywhere. There is no substitute for information technology to reach the pinnacle of future development. The use of information technology, the leading aspects, analyzing everything, our today’s topic of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) essay.


In the modern era, when the impact of globalization has reached from the highest level of the earth to the inner atmosphere of our homes, the immense importance of information and communication technology worldwide cannot be denied. As the total population of the world has increased over time, so has the need and importance of information and communication. And technology has perhaps contributed the most to making people’s lives easier and more comfortable by eliminating the ever-increasing information and communication clutter. Technology is the magic wand invented by people in the modern age, by the application of which people have repeatedly made their society and personal life easier, as well as advanced civilization in many ways. This presentation is intended to briefly discuss the impact of information and communication technology on two elements that are very important to the advancement of modern civilization.

Beginning of Modern Technology:

Modern technology is considered to be born during the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the 19th century. From this time the application of technology in all spheres of life started on a large scale. However, the importance of information and communication technology was not felt as much due to the low population of the world and the complexity of life. But as time progressed, people began to reap the benefits of the industrial revolution’s mass production. Along with this, as the population of the world is also increasing by leaps and bounds, complications arise in the normal life of people. Since roughly the beginning of the 20th century, the need for information and communication technology has become particularly felt around the world. In order to keep pace with the natural order of nature, appropriate technology emerges to suit the perceived need.

What is this information and communication technology:

In general, it seems that information and communication technology is a technology that helps modern civilization in information and communication matters. But actually the spread of this information and communication technology is not limited only to these two areas. In fact, information is said to be the most valuable resource in the world today. And based on this information, various fields of the modern age have developed. Information and communication technology or information and communication technology is used for global informational management through the storage, processing management and distribution of all that information. Information and communication technology is closely dependent on computing, microelectronics, telecommunications, etc. to carry out this global mission.

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Information and Communication Technology in the Pages of History:

Historically, the need for lack of information and communication technology was first felt in the early part of the 20th century, perhaps on the eve of the First World War. Since the end of the First World War, the world’s international socio-economic landscape has been changing rapidly. A wave of scientific research has descended around the world with the aim of strengthening one’s own country through new discoveries. Then in the middle of the 20th century, the alarm of World War II rang out once again around the world. World War II was the first time information and communication technology was used sparingly in world history. After the end of World War II, the landscape of the world began to change more quickly. The cold war between the world’s two superpowers also led to a dirty competition in scientific progress around the world. It also has a huge impact on information and communication technology. Then in the seventies, when the Internet came to the world, a kind of revolution took place in the field of information and communication technology. Since that time, the nature of information and communication technology in the world has evolved rapidly.

Information and Communication Technology in Current Light:

Incidentally, the term information technology was first used in the 1970s. In today’s era, the movement of information and communication technology is everywhere in the modern world as well as in personal life. There is probably no area of modern urban life where information technology has not dominated these days. As time progresses, the importance of information technology in various fields of life is increasing. Along with that, new scientific discoveries are constantly making important additions in the field of information and communication technology. The impact of the widespread use of information technology in all areas of life is constantly being felt.

Information Technology and Governance Management:

Information technology is the carrier and manager of the modern world system. In a world where information or data is considered to be the most important and valuable resource, the role of information technology is not surprising. From determining international relations to managing national governance, everything is completely dependent on information technology. Besides, as the world system is moving more and more towards digitalization, our dependence on information technology is increasing. As mentioned earlier, the basic function of information technology is storage, processing, management and distribution of information. By virtue of its unique role, information technology dominates all aspects of modern governance. That is why the governance system can collapse at any time if there is an error in the IT sector.

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Information and Communication Technology in Medical and Education:

Another particularly important branch of information technology has expanded in the field of medicine. Various new discoveries using information technology are on the way to radically change the current medical system. In this context, the first thing to mention is robotics and artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence-related discoveries and their applications. Through this application, it is possible to diagnose and solve various complex diseases easily, quickly and accurately. Apart from this, the daily new inventions using information technology are also affecting the modern education sector in particular. The application of artificial intelligence in the field of education is making it possible to make education much more practical and appropriate.

Introduction to research field:

The widespread application of information technology in modern scientific practice, especially research, is rapidly changing the old rules and equations of research. With the incredible advancement of information technology, it is no longer necessary to sweat to acquire knowledge. A world-class research paper can appear in front of the eyes with a touch of the finger at home. Moreover, the application of information and communication technology is making it possible to determine very accurately and easily various research related issues such as: weather forecasting, climate characterisation, geo-natural research, survey research etc. Advanced research is the primary prerequisite for the advancement of civilization. Therefore, information technology is helping in the betterment of the world by revolutionizing the way research is facilitated.

Entertainment and IT:

Even in the field of entertainment, the wide and multi-faceted impact of information technology can be observed today. Nowadays, people don’t have to step outside the house for entertainment anymore. The innovative combination of internet and information technology is making it possible to enjoy world-class entertainment at the click of a button at home. As a result of the widespread use of information technology in mobile, radio, television, entertainment is becoming much more enjoyable for people than before. Moreover, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of entertainment is also well known today.

Communication Revolution:

Another important contribution of information and communication technology is to revolutionize the field of communication. This communication refers to both information exchange and transport communication. In the revolutionary evolution of information technology, virtual social media such as Facebook, Twitter or email have emerged. By using these means, it is possible to send very valuable information securely from one corner of the world to another in a moment. Moreover, as a result of the latest scientific discoveries using information technology, a great change has taken place in the field of transportation. In this case too, the use of artificial intelligence has to be specially mentioned.

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Role in massive employment generation:

As a result of the wide spread of ubiquitous information technology in the society, information technology has created huge employment opportunities around the world. Every year millions of young people studying Information and Communication Technology are getting employed in thousands of companies spread across the globe. They dominate the global IT industry. In many countries of the world, information technology has also created the record of providing the most employment in the national sector.

Negative Effects:

While information technology has brought various beautiful gifts to the world, it also has many disadvantages. On the one hand, by using information technology, unimaginable improvement of society is possible, similarly, information technology is also being used in destructive areas of society like terrorism. On the one hand, as valuable information can be easily transmitted and stored from one end of the world to the other in an instant, global theft of information using this information and communication technology has become a major concern. Hacking has to be mentioned in this context. Moreover, as a result of information technology, as the modern shopping system has been revolutionized, the modernization of the black market has also been made possible by using information technology. In addition, the heavy dependence on information technology is currently affecting the normal functioning of people.


Technology is a boon to civilization. And information technology is the greatest gift of that blessing. The current age is as information dependent as it is technology dependent. With the blessing of science, the novel combination of these two is possible today. Despite its many negative effects, the importance of information technology today cannot be denied. Rather, we all have to make an effort on how to eliminate the negative effects of information technology and spread its positive aspects. It should also be remembered that technology is not for people, but technology for people. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate excess dependence and make the existence of this gift of science worthwhile through the proper application of information and communication technology in life.

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