Composition: The Internet ?

At present the Internet is the most powerful communication system or device. For personal, academic,business and social communication thei internet is the strongest mode of communication. It has made our communication faster easier and cheaper.

The Internet is used for personal and social communication. People can send email and chat on the Internet. Email is a private communication and goes from one user to another. On the other hand, online chat can happen between two people or between groups. Business communication largely depends on the Internet. Now most of the business transactions are done through the Internet. Our banks are providing different services through the Internet. Now we can deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, buy tickets and do many other things by usingt the Internet.

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The Internet is very useful for students. Academic materials are stored online. Students can download and upload useful materials when necessary. Students now can attend real classes from a distance through the Internet. One can visit most of the libraries of the world through the Internet.

The Internet has brought the whole world in our hands. It is connecting people across the world despite social, racial and economic differences. It has made our life much easier than ever.

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